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>> pope benedict has never seemed entirely comfortable in front of crowds, even one as adoring as this one. the vatican said they expected 50,000. it was four or five times that. >> it means the world to me. i grew up catholic. it is huge, monumental. this great event that is taking shape in our church, this is the main reason why i'm here today. >> it was a long and physically demanding event for a man whose frailty is now all too evident. emotional ands personal. and he referred to the controversies that have dogged his pontificate. he said the church had faced stormy weather. it had seemed at times that the lord was sleeping.
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was elected pope in eight years ago, he said, he surrendered his looked -- his right to a private life, and there could be no going back. i am not, he said, abandoning the cross. to prayt each of you for me and for the new pope. >> this is the last time the public will see this pope. very soon, for the sake of the credibility and authority of the next pope, benedicta will be hidden from the world for the rest of his life. there will soon be two popes in the vatican. benedicta xvi well -- benedicta xvi will hold the title of pope emeritus. more problemsse for a church that is shrinking
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its traditional european heartland and growing in the developing world, but which remains dominated by european cardinals at the top. he had also inherited a church that was still reeling from sex abuse scandals in the priesthood. pope benedict retreats from public view, buoyed today by the defection of the faithful, but because leading to his successful a -- his successor a church still in crisis and by his own admission, still bitterly divided. >> extraordinary scenes in rome today. for more on what happens next i'm joined by gene littles. for you surprised by how honest the pope was in his address today? >> i was, and it was astonishingly intimate for such a huge gathering. he was speaking to tens of thousands of people. it was the first time we got a real glimpse into the private life of a man in a very public
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office. there was a sense that the burdens have been very heavy, as he said, not many joys as he talked about st. peter and use biblical imagery to talk about st. peter in his fishing boat on choppy waters. and he talked about his job not been easy, which was an understatement in the midst of a sex crisis that had overshadowed his papacy -- his papacy. this was a public farewell, but a very personal and honest and poignant one as well. it was extraordinarily ritualistic, but also groundbreaking. >> they really are in uncharted territory. the last boat retired -- to retire -- the last hope to retire did so 600 years ago. he will be polk americas, retain his title, still wear the white vestments, -- he will be topa amera test, retain his title,
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and still wear the white vestments. there will be two pubs in the vatican, which raises questions. -- there will be two popes in the vatican, which raises questions. the papal ring will be smashed with a silver hammer. the seal will be destroyed to prevent any kind of forgeries. he will also forego, we are told, the red shoes, the famous red shoes. there has been much speculation as to whether they are prada or not. they will -- they will be replaced by brown handmade shoes from mexico. apparently, he will make one more appearance on the balcony and that will be it. he needs to be hidden. he will lead a cloistered life. there will be questions over whether he will write.
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he is a writer and intellectual. he is a serious theologian can he published during his lifetime or will the after published posthumously? there will be thousands pouring over every bit of grammar to see if anything he says contradicts the new pope. >> the balloon company involved in yesterday's fatal crash in egypt has told the bbc that the balloon had recently been checked by the authorities. the company's managing director also says he hopes to be flying balloons again within six months. 19 foreign tourists were killed when their berlin exploded and crashed to the ground -- when their balloon exploded and crashed to the ground in luxor. nile,ng the banks of the the hot air balloon crashed from the skies. remnants of some of the passengers still lay on the ground. flowers have now been made here, too.
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the balloon was thought to have been close to landing when a fire broke out. the heat lifting of higher before and explosion brought it down in the most horrifying of ways. the only tourist to survive was michael rennie from scotland. doctors say he is physically well, the distraught. his wife, a hospital receptionist named yvonne, was killed. and hisnother brit wife, who both worked for an auction house. colleagues are devastated. >> he was like a brother. it is like losing a brother. it is very difficult. he was a lovely man >> he went -- we went to meet the manager of the company in luxor that operated the balloon that crash. he told me that they passed a government inspection only two weeks ago. >> everything that was checked in the balloon was perfect.
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we have never had any problems before. things have only gone wrong when there has been bad weather. >> but we knew that was alive. we showed him footage of an accident 18 months ago when one of its balloons crashed into the nile. we listed other incidents. he just tried to explain them away. this is a company that had been used by thomas cook for customers that chose to take balloon rides as part of their package holidays. today, a spokesman for thomas cook said in this tragic case, the operator, sky cruisers, had been verified and approved by the egyptian civil aviation authority. we, like all other aviation operators, rely on his endorsement. on checks byrely the egyptian authorities? are the same authorities
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themselves culpable, allowing companies to continue to operate when they endangered the lives of tourists? about that questions balloon crash in egypt. know youdent needs to cannot shoot his way out of this, the warning from the new u.s. secretary of state john kerry. his comment, and head of a critical meeting in rome, which is bound to raise the prospect of more american assistance from the syrian opposition. it is a potential ship, which the national correspondent wrote about today. she joined me a short while ago. what might be serious be prepared to offer the rebels now? >> the americans have been coordinating with other governments in the middle east and europe. americans are now behind on this issue and have now been prepared to step out rapidly. there are two categories of
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assistance they are now prepared to give. one is direct, nonlethal assistance to the rebel fighters. and the other is direct humanitarian aid and some financial assistance to the political opposition. in both cases, the americans have been very reluctant up to now to give help directly to the syrians offering -- operating inside of syria. they have given nonlethal assistance. they have not given any at all up until now. >> what the syrians have been asking for is direct assistance, the opposite of non-lethal. will this satisfy the rebels? >> i doubt it will, but from the u.s. point of view it is a major step forward. one of the complaints of the opposition, both the military and political, is that there has not been enough assistance. but they have also said that the u.s. has been invisible, because it does not give any directive.
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the americans are hoping that this will increase their visibility, will bring more syrians were sitting on this fence over to the side of the opposition, and also boost the military opposition, the secular and more moderate islamists who are losing ground to the islamic radicals within the opposition movement. >> is that why they decided to do this now? because we have seen the more islamist elements gaining power? >> there is no question but at least militarily, that is the case. seen an increase in actual arms that are being sent by the saudis and other gulf states. to these groups, to what are considered to be the most moderate groups, out of concern that the radicals tied to al qaeda have been gaining dominance within the opposition.
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much.en, thanks very >> you are welcome. >> in afghanistan, there has been a rocket attack on a military base in helmand province. it held up to 4000 british, american, danish, abyssinian troops. there was no doubt -- some damage, but no -- and other troops. there was some damage, but no injuries. the reportome bad of alexander litvinenko should be heard in secret when it comes to a coroner's report later this year. it has raised questions over what might be suppressed. theashington today, president was unveiling a statue of rosa parks. she became famous in 1965 for free -- for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a
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bus. it led to a boycott that lasted for over a year. and talking about her final hours, describing this model -- the model girlfriend of a model citizen. >> in the weeks before she died, she was living in a suburb of johannesburg with her close friend. she showed me her bedroom and spoke of the family's grief. >> i think because she was living here, he feels like he could not protect her, her dad. you look back and you say, why
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didn't we say, come home? byinstead, she was shot dead the man she had been dating for about three months come oscar pistorius. he used to come to the house here to pick her up. what happened that night? >> we just all want to know the truth. i think that is everyone in the world now. happy?you think she was >> i did. hernd happy in relationship? >> yes. >> what do you think the truth is? >> i do not want to comment on that. >> he will wait for the trial? >> i will wait for the trial. >> but the trial is months away and in the meantime, her friends and family worry that as is so often the case, even with far less famous murder suspect, it is the victim who is being forgotten. >> i want people to know reva.
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>> do you feel she has been overlooked? >> i do. at the end of the date might feel like, -- i feel like, at the end of the day, reva killed. >> her friends and family of that justice will prevail. steenkamp ing reva in a story and events that riveted the world. one billionaire is banking on a titanic replica that will take people back in time. such a linh today, a factory worker described as quiet and unassuming has gone on a deadly shooting spree. three people are dead, including the gunman himself, and several others are still in critical condition after the 42-year-old began firing at colleagues in an
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office canteen. the incident took place in a wood factory near the picturesque swiss city. it was the second multiple fatalities shooting in two months. morning at 8y quiets it -- a quiet swiss -- ended indid three deaths. he had worked here for over a decade. police believe he targeted specific fellow workers, opening fire with a pistol at a factory canteens. two people died on the spot. seven more were injured, six seriously leaving this peaceful community in shock. >> we are shocked. nobody can grasp what happened here. that is why we stopped production immediately. said my biggest
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concern now is to keep everyone informed we will have a church service nearby. >> it is the second such shooting in less than two months. than a population of less 3 million -- 8 million, but there are 3 million guns in population circulation. all the men learn to shoot. most keep their weapons at home, but there is no central gun registry. .uicide is high in switzerland no one knows yet why it happened, but with three people that it is sure to raise questions once again about switzerland's relatively liberal gun laws. >> how does this sound as an adventure? squeeze into a 600 ft spacecraft which your spouse and head off with 500 days to take a spin around mars.
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we are not kidding. in 2001, he became the first space tourist, paying $20 million to hitch a ride aboard a russian flight to the international space station. today, he announced plans to announce a manned journey to the red planet in 2018. this historic trip would be piloted by two private citizens. for more on his extraordinarily ambitious project and i spoke to him just a short time ago. value ofhe scientific this project? >> the scientific value is not the major objective of this mission. in fact, when i first started talking about the idea, i said it had in zero scientific value. and people i talked to said, no, dennis, you are wrong. there is tremendous scientific value as far as human behavior, life sciences.
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we have never experienced how a human outside in deep space reacts. we do not know how the human biology will react with the radiation. we do not know how human behavior will play out. voyage when you are so far from the earth that the earth is a pale blue dot that can hardly be distinguished from the stars. correct the errors will be a pale blue dodge, but if i am right in not understanding what your protein -- where you are proposing, they're going to flight around the dark side of mars. what will they see? >> he will not see much unless you have some night vision goggles, which i presume they will have. they will see something. but as you approach mars, you'll get a very good view of mars as
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you pass from day to night. we know what mars looks like. it is not there to take photographs of mars. it is to be within 100 miles of the planet. it is symbolic in that we have reached mars. you go around the dark side because that is why you need to slow the spacecraft down so that it falls back to earth and rendezvouses with the earth at the proper time. >> you think you can pull this off? these spacecraft are not even built yet and we are talking about 2018. this is a huge order to get ready in five years. >> it is. it is. and it is not a certainty. but i take the attitude that it is worth it, worth a shot. of i'm willing to bet a lot my own resources on it, with the idea that if it does come
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together -- and i am an optimist. i made a bet on my own space flight. yes, i'm going to do whatever i can to make this happen. >> you did six days on the international space station. this is at 500 days ruhl looking at. if you have the opportunity, would you go up on the spacecraft? >> no, because i'm not qualified. we were talking about the demands of the group. thethis particular mission, crew would have to be highly skilled mechanically. they will constantly be repairing and overhauling the life-support equipment in order to survive. i am not that person. even a virus 30 years younger, i would not be that person. >> -- even if i were a 30 years younger person, i would not be that person. >> he himself would not go if he could, but apart from that, i
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did a fabulous idea. i do not think he would catch me in that spacecraft $4 million, even his million dollars. an australianrth, plans to build a replica of the titanic. this project is proving just a little bit controversial. there are reports that people are offering up to $1 million to take part in this maiden voyage. >> bad taste, or a chance to step back in time? you're looking at titanic ii. brainchild of an australian mining billionaire, determined to replicate the doomed liner. >> i am doing this myself because i want to spend the money i have before i die. it is a reasonable proposition. if you work hard 50% of your life, you might as well spend it. there is enough left for the
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kids to spend anyway. originalip has its bill did a first-class dining and smoking rooms, but only if you have the appropriate tickets. a faithful reconstruction of the original, but with modern touches like air-conditioning. not everyone is convinced. >> i think it is in poor taste obviously, there are no survivors still around, but there are relations of those survivors. and there were people who went down on the titanic. i do not see the point. >> but with 40,000 people already registered for the voyage on the new craft, the issue is up for debate. >> i'm very keen for anything that perpetuate the memory of the titanic. >> around 1500 people died on its maiden voyage in 1912 after
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the ship collided with an iceberg in the north atlantic. with its grave still at the bottom of the ocean, could history have a chance of repeating itself? titanic ii set to launch in 2015, there's plenty of time to save. ii or ae on titanic flight to mars? take your pick. that brings today's forecast to make clothes. you can reach me at any time you want. >> make sense of international >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, investments and zte,
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